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More new music coming at you!


The "Isolation" EP release continues with the next single, "Wake Up".

A banger from top to tail, just waiting to blast through your speakers!

Potently charged with lyrical energy, “Wake Up” boldly confronts the fear-based messaging that mainstream media wields in service of political & corporate agendas. A message for all humanity to question these divisive narratives, overcome our differences and stand together in unity. 


Listen here on the website, or you can listen on Spotify right now or your other favourite streaming platforms.

Calling on Sunshine-Single Cover b.jpg

New music is here and much more is coming!!!


Our new EP entitled, "Isolation", is being unveiled in a series of singles over the coming months.   The first song, "Calling on Sunshine" has officially launched and is now live all majour streaming platforms.  


You can listen here on the website, or you can listen on Spotify right now.

Follow us over there to be amongst the first to listen as the rest of the album drops!

Calling on Sunshine

PS. While the world and live shows were shut down do to the Covid pandemic, we made good use of the time!  As a result many, many, many other songs have also been written and demo'd, so you guys can expect more on the way after that!

We have a number of official music videos that are now live on YouTube and right here on our site.  "Knock Knock" is our take on summer fun in the 90s, and you can watch it right now!   


 "Deaf", "Wasting Breath" and "The Best of Worst Days"  are a click away on our Vids & Pics page.


If you prefer YouTube and wanna watch over there, feel free! 


If you like what you hear or see over there, be sure to leave us Like, and Comment with your feedback!  AND don't forget to Subscribe to our channel!


Our new(ish) album, "Rebirth", is now streaming on every majour platform on Earth! 


You can listen via Spotify in the widget to the left,

And if you click the little icon in the top right, it will bring directly to our Spotify page, where you can add our tracks to your own playlists,

or Follow us, so you don't miss out every time we release new music. 

If you prefer other streaming services like Apple Music, Tidal or Deezer, click the links.  Or you can also stream and download directly from our 

Music & Lyrics page

Rebirth Now Streaming Everywhere!

We've designed a bunch of sexy AF Francis Farmer merch for y'all; 

T-shirts, Hats, Hoodies, etc.  With new designs being added as we go. 


If you haven't picked up your FF gear yet, NOW is a great time!

The Farmer's Market is open and ready to serve you :)   

Click here or on the SHOP tab in the menu above


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Francis Farmer's Inner Circle - Exclusive Premium Content - Members Only
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Francis Farmer's Inner Circle - Exclusive Premium Content - Members Only
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