While the world and live shows had been shut down throughout the Covid pandemic, there was an opportunity for a lot of song writing and recording.  Francis Farmer made good use of that!  The new EP entitled, "Isolation", will be unveiled in a series of singles over the coming months.  The first song, "Calling on Sunshine" will drop on all majour streaming platforms

on July 19th.  Wooooooooooooooo New album coming!!!   Follow us on Spotify to be amongst the first to listen!


PS. Many, many, many other songs have also been written and demo'd, so you guys can expect more on the way after that!

And in the meanwhile....REBIRTH IS HERE!!!!  

Our new(ish) album, "Rebirth", is available everywhere!  Stream, download or purchase it right here on our site,

or on any of your favourite platforms, like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or Deezer.


Our official music videos for "Deaf", "Knock Knock" , "Wasting Breath" and "The Best of Worst Days"  are now live on YouTube and here on our site.  If you wanna be a real beauty, leave us Like and Comment with your feedback, AND don't forget to Subscribe to our channel!



We've designed a bunch of sexy AF Francis Farmer merch for y'all;  T-shirts, Hats, Hoodies, etc. 

With new designs being added as we go. 


If you haven't picked up your FF gear yet, NOW is a great time!

The Farmer's Market is open and ready to serve you :)   

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Love. Loss. Death. Rebirth.       


"Another end has come to life again.”


We are both light and dark - good and evil - in any given moment or thought. 

Bound together by opposing forces. 

We are both completely unique, and One, all the same.  


It is in this duality that Francis Farmer finds balance. 

Dancing the line.    Seeking the edge. 

Reaching for the light while the shadow tugs the noose. 


Francis Farmer's sound has been described as familiar yet new, aggressive yet melodic. Minor with Major. 

Raw, authentic and real. They actively seek to channel the darkness of their internal demons,

into the light of creativity and music; Connecting to their audience with undeniable heart and vulnerability.


Based in Toronto, Canada, Francis Farmer are passionate supporters and contributors to

the “new grunge” movement, resonating with fans worldwide. 

Their mission is to create community amongst their followers and musical peers,

Empowering others to join them in challenging their own depths and the world at large.




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