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Francis Farmer is Heart AF!  Combining the grit of the 90s and soul of classic rock with modern sonics, rhythms and themes. New — Yet familiar. All the heavy guitars and passion filled vocals you want from bangin’ rock music, but with beefier bass and drums to make today’s generation bounce.


Originally hailing from Toronto, Canada, this aggressively melodic rock outfit harnesses talent and experience from around the globe.  The driving creative force and orchestrator is singer/guitarist, Leonard F. Farmer III.  Whether in full band context, or one-off collabs, he continually gathers and arranges the pieces, distilling them down through the musical filter now synonymous with the Francis Farmer sound.


Always raw, authentic and real, the charismatic frontman actively channels light from the dark, illuminating a mirror full of demons into reflections of song and lyric.  Finding balance in duality.  Dancing that line.  Seeking the Edge.


Last summer’s release of “Rebirth”, marked the beginning of a new era and sound for Francis Farmer.  The debut, “Illusive Dreamscapes”, was notably different, composed in another time and context, as a primarily solo acoustic album.  Even then, the hard rock roots and love of the band format were inescapable.


Presently, final touches for the upcoming EP, “Isolation”, are being put on by world renowned mastering engineer, Matt Colton (Arctic Monkeys, Flume, Peter Gabriel).


Stay tuned for the first single, ”Calling on Sunshine”, set for release in July.


Origin and Story

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Francis Farmer's Inner Circle - Exclusive Premium Content - Members Only

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